Pearls Tourism B2B Travel DMC offers a variety of houseboat packages in some of the most beautiful and serene water bodies in India. Our houseboat packages cater to different budgets and requirements, ranging from luxury houseboats with modern amenities to budget-friendly houseboats for those who prefer a simple and traditional experience. One of our most popular houseboat destinations is the picturesque Dal Lake in Srinagar, Kashmir. Our houseboats here offer a unique and tranquil experience, with stunning views of the surrounding mountains and the famous Mughal Gardens. You can relax in your private houseboat, enjoy delicious local cuisine and explore the beautiful sights and sounds of the valley. We also offer houseboat packages in the serene backwaters of Kerala, where you can experience the true beauty of nature while cruising on a traditional Kettuvallam houseboat. Our packages include comfortable accommodation, delicious meals, and the chance to explore the charming villages and landscapes of Kerala. For those who love adventure, we offer houseboat packages in the beautiful water bodies of Goa, where you can indulge in various water sports and beach activities while enjoying the comfort of your private houseboat. No matter which houseboat package you choose, our team at Pearls Tourism B2B Travel DMC ensures that you have a comfortable and unforgettable experience, with top-notch service and hospitality.
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